Who we are

GLITCH LAB is a collective of creative personalities. We are disturbed by the indifference to today’s important topics. By choosing third grade porcelain for our protest songs, we want to show the durability of the material, the complex structure of its creation process and undermine the importance of creating new products. Our projects closely relate to our name, a system ↯error↯.

Marta Łempicka, Joanna Rymaszewska and
Arkadiusz Szwed

Glitch Lab x NOWY®ŁAD | exhibition pop-up store | Warsaw | October 2022

This collection of boring porcelain, created by Glitch Lab and the NOWY®ŁAD group, confronts the extremes. Items with words. Classic ceramics from Ćmielów with graffiti-like inscriptions and Basquiat’s crowns. Fashionable slogans and new phenomena with a crossed-out boring - the title of the collection. And all this for us to stop and think about boredom in a World, in which we all stand on our heads just to keep it interesting. 

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Targi Rzeczy Ładnych | Warsaw | September 2021

‘Fuck The Porcelain' is a manifesto that draws attention to the porcelain object as a resource.The project boldly takes up a polemic about the meaning of an error in the system - that is, the titular Glitch, which is the thoughtless discarding of porcelain and underestimating its value. The installation consists of three objects and highlights the challenges that must be faced not only by recipients and designers, but also by the entire ceramics industry.

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Elle Decoration | January 2022

"Let's pop the balloon and verify the value once again" photo session for Elle Decoration

Glitch Lab x Bęc Zmiana | Warsaw | February 2022.

GLITCH. True Porcelain Lasts Forever. Using the attention of Valentine's Day and more and more often anti-Valentine's Day, we wanted to emphasize the fact that although the durability of love can be discussed nowadays, the longevity of porcelain is a fact!

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